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Cancer Partners UK appreciates that learning to live with cancer can be challenging at every stage and there is a great deal of support available to patients, their friends and families which may at times be overwhelming.

In order to provide its patients with appropriate support and holistic care, Cancer Partners UK created Living Well through a unique partnership with Penny Brohn Cancer Care. It is available to patients who are being treated by Cancer Partners UK at its centres.

Cancer Partners UK has handpicked elements to combine physical, emotional and spiritual support, and focus on giving people the practical tools necessary to help manage the impact of their cancer and improve their quality of life. It has developed a range of counselling and evidence-informed therapies which are available to Cancer Partners UK patients. Living Well co-ordinators, based within Cancer Partners UK centres, are available to arrange suitable counselling and therapies, including reflexology and acupuncture, whilst helping with relaxation techniques.

Cancer Partners UK chose Penny Brohn Cancer Care because it is a national charity which was set up over 30 years ago and has developed and run a wide range of wellbeing programmes during this time focused on supporting men and women affected by cancer across the UK. Patients may arrange to continue with the Living Well programme after treatment directly with Penny Brohn Cancer Care.

The care teams at Cancer Partners UK take the time to talk to patients and understand any particular concerns they may have. They are able to advise on specific services offered by a variety of local and national charities, support groups and other organisations in the area.

Cancer Partners UK also works closely with Macmillan Cancer Support, and Macmillan accreditation at Cancer Partners UK centres ensure patients and their families also have access to their expertise and practical and emotional support.

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Cancer Partners UK has created its Living Well programme through a unique partnership with Penny Brohn Cancer Care which is available while being treated at one of the centres.

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