Chemotherapy drugs combat cancer cells to destroy them and stop them dividing further. There are many types of chemotherapy drugs, some based on natural plant compounds and others using man-made chemicals. A patient’s consultant oncologist will design a treatment using the latest advancements in chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The chemotherapy drugs that are given depend on the type of cancer that is being treated, where the cancer is situated, the type of cancer cells, and whether or not the cancer may have spread.

At the Linford Wood Medical Centre in Milton Keynes and Sandford Medical Centre in Oxford, Cancer Partners UK provides dedicated and personalised chemotherapy. In Birmingham, Elstree, Nottingham, Portsmouth and Southampton this is likely to be provided as part of a care plan by the partner private hospitals. Wherever a patient is being treated, Cancer Partners UK believes in taking an holistic view of each patient’s care, where the radiographers, chemotherapy nurses, consultants and therapists all work together to deliver the best results for the patient.


Cancer Partners UK chemotherapy suites

Cancer Partners UK fully appreciates certain medical treatments can be challenging for patients and takes the utmost care to maximise clinical safety.  Patients are treated in purpose-designed self-contained chemotherapy suites within each centre that have a homely feel and include:

  • comfortable treatment pods
  • access to all NICE approved chemotherapy, hormone therapy and anti-sickness drugs
  • personal TV
  • refreshment area


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