Radiotherapy is at the core of all Cancer Partners UK centres, along with a belief that patients with cancer should have access to the best treatments available and they should be able to fit their treatment around their everyday lives. 

The centres are not only comfortable but utilise the latest, sophisticated technology to provide patients with daily image guided radiotherapy (IGRT), which in the vast majority of cases can be combined with intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT). These treatments have been shown to treat cancer with greater accuracy and fewer side effects than conventional radiotherapy.

Where there is a local need, Cancer Partners UK provides patients access to a broader range of state-of-the-art technology to help patients through their journey - from diagnostic tools to assist consultants in understanding the condition and how to best treat it, to additional treatment options, such as chemotherapy.


For most people, quickly finding out what is wrong with them provides a comfort, in that at least they know what they are facing. It may not be cancer but it still may need to be treated.

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Surgery to remove all or part of a tumour is often recommended and sometimes, if all cancerous cells are removed, no more treatment is necessary.

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The chemotherapy drugs that are given depend on the type of cancer that is being treated, where the cancer is situated and the type of cancer cells.

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Radiotherapy is a painless procedure which uses radiation, usually high energy x-rays, but sometimes, electrons, and more rarely protons, to treat disease.

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Living Well

Cancer Partners UK appreciates that learning to live with cancer can be challenging at every stage and there is a great deal of support available to patients.

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Palliative care

Palliative radiotherapy does not aim to cure a cancer, it is used to help shrink, slow down the growth, or control symptoms of an advanced stage tumour.

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