Why are we different?

Cancer Partners UK provides the highest levels of patient-focused care across a network of conveniently located, purpose-built cancer centres.

Each centre has been individually designed to meet the needs of the local area and falls into one of three centre types.  As such, each varies in what services are offered, but each centre aspires to the same core principles and provides the same high quality standard of patient services.

From the moment a patient is referred by their GP, they have prompt access to diagnostic procedures and tests, as well as treatments including advanced radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormone therapy, all ‘under one roof’.

At the heart of each centre is Cancer Partners UK’s approach to radiotherapy – one that leads the way in providing patients with the most precise treatment available resulting in fewer side-effects and improved outcomes for patients.

Dedicated patient-led care

And Cancer Partners UK doesn’t just provide exceptional treatment, it is committed to delivering unparalleled patient care. Working with some of the UK’s leading consultant oncologists, physicians and surgeons, Cancer Partners UK ensures every patient is provided with a tailored care plan delivered by dedicated, specialist care teams who are committed to providing every patient with a personalised and holistic service.

It is this combination of world-class technology and delivery of a patient-centred experience that is at the heart of Cancer Partners UK’s ethos, which aspires to a belief that cancer treatment should be integrated into patients’ everyday lives.

About our centres

Cancer Partners UK launched their first pioneering radiotherapy treatment centre in 2009 – today, it operates eight cancer treatment centres and more are planned...

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